Warrior: $Thug Life$

  Rank: Co-Leader/Admin

  Position: Offense/Bombardier/Occasional Defense

  Description: $Thug Life$ may be a new name for Tribes 2 but donít think that Iím some sort of newbie, Iíve been playing games for quite a while.  I began playing online games with Half-Life, but then moved on to: Quake 2, Counter-Strike, Tribes 1, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, and now Tribes 2.  Iíve had Tribes 2 since it came out and am pretty good at it.  I prefer playing offense, but I occasionally go heavy and play Defense.

  Favorite games: Tribes 2, Max Payne, UT, Deus Ex, Motocross Madness 2, NOLF.


  Fav movie: Fast and the Furious, Half Baked, Gladiator, Rush Hour 2

  Fav music: A bunch of different groups.