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Welcome to the KKM, Totally Bad Ass website.

This site is still under construction.  We'll be putting up a guest book soon.  Feel free to comment on us and send us e-mails any time you want.  We are constantly looking for new members, and we'll also include some of the headline news.  Us guys at KKM are cool people, we'll tolerate any of your B.S, it's all cool.


-added a new skins set!


Thug-Life WARNING!

Thug-Life, fellow clan mate, taking credit for my webpage.  It's mine, BLOODLUST!@'s page! If you don't believe ME, well how the hell could Thug change it! HE doesn't have the password! NOTICE! If any of you are from Tribalwar, then go to the forums and post the REAL TRUTH! The mean bastard is back, and he's taking everyone down with him.  I'm angry as shit, Thug's throat I'll slit! I'll rhyme all day, until the price is payed.  What the fuck, I'm rhyming.  See how bad it's getting? It's worse than herpes I tell you! Rayn, I'm sorry.  I'll take the thingy off.  There it's off.  Not like you even saw it but what the fuck.  Well there it's said, I don't wanna dead, so instead, I'll put drugs in my head.  (see!?!?)

New addition to the SITE!

In case you haven't noticed, I added a KTM of the week! What does KTM stand for? Kill This Man! It's under the KKM menu.   

Big change coming soon.

The site will be totally different by the end of November.  So far, the new design looks fu<King awesome.  You'll love it.

New skin set!

A new skins set was just added on the skins section.  This one was submitted by a KKM member, Humbajoe.

Careless n' Crazy...delayed.

My scanner is busted (the original plan was to draw the comics on paper, then scan and upload) so there will be a delay on the issues.  I may have to create them computer graphically.  Also, my ADSL is constantly going down, so this new headline will be uploaded later than I write it.  Sorry. :( .  Also, expect a new section.  It'll be a surprise.  

Skins Section ADDED! Plus popularity!

I've added a skins section to the page.  Check it out if you want.  We are also 9th place in Edmonton, Alberta, and 25th place in Alberta on the site rankings on WhozeOnTop Website Tracking.  Good days are today, but really busy at work.


Things are tough getting things uploaded and completed for the page.  I've had to remove the flash elements, I'll be putting up a poll for whether or not you'd like flash on the page, or the regular design that we have now.  I am also in the middle of making a web page for a company.


I've met someone, and I'm starting to make money with Baked Potato Productions.  Things are looking up. :)

Plus we have 11 members now.  Anyone wanna' join www.teamwarfare.com now? 16 people, if you are top, we win money.  3 of the KKM members live in Edmonton, Alberta.

World tragedy...

Terrorist attacks were made on the world trade center and the pentagon  today.  U.S.A government still isn't sure about who exactly did it, but they intend to strike back.

the expert take- "Personally, I'm disgusted and terrified at what has happened today.  I want whoever did this to pay dearly, and at this moment, I am very angry.  To any of you terrorists, 'removed due to complaints.' I have, and never will, have any respects for terrorists or anyone on their side."

Beta 5 out, expect official soon!

The beta 5 patch has come out, and is available at www.tribes2centraldownload.com.  It fixes several things that you can see at the given link.

the expert take- "The new beta 5 patch isn't bad.  It changes the lush detail textures to a nifty new look that I like, the satchel charge is better, splash damage reduced = experts will kick newbies' asses, and the shrike/gravscout is faster.  There is only one thing bad about it, the flight ceiling.  The game was perfectly balanced without it, and the ceiling is a major hindrance on several levels (especially Slapdash).  Unfortunately, since there will be no more official patches, the flight ceiling probably won't be removed."

News about the site! (September 10, 2001)

We will begin to add flash elements into the website.  We've already added  flash element for the About KKM menu heading.  Expect each of the heading to be flash in the near feature.  Also, a flash intro will be added soon, expect it by the end of the week!

Sierra Speaks! (August 24, 2001):

Sierra has announced that the patch is going along nicely.  Here's a small quote of what they had to say:

- Patch is coming along nicely. Expect stabilization and refinement of things found in Beta 4. As I understand, we're keeping the speed from Beta 4, and many of the other improvements, but likely losing the SJ changes. One little thing can throw out the balance of the whole game and nobody wants to do that. There should be a beta 5 very soon (I mean any day now).

- Playable demo will shortly follow the public release of the patch. There is no recording or playback functionality in the demo - it's just not designed for that.

- There's been a lot of discussion about the future of Tribes, and I've been approached with a movie script and a pitch for an animated series. I'll let you know if any of this pans out.

- More news on the way soon. Hope to see a bunch of you at TribesCon3!

Update (August 24, 2001):

We will now be adding dates to the news posts.  Just telling you.  See!


I'm opening a new section about a comic strip I will be updating often (at least once a week).  It will be called The Frank or the Beans.  Look for a section opening soon!


It's official.  Dynamix has been shut down, and there will be no further patches to be made.  I, personally, have started a vendetta against the owners of Sierra.  I am angry and shall spam them.  Dynamix developers say that there will be only one more patch.  This is a sad day for all of us.  Let the anger ensue.  Rumor has it that Sierra is still looking into further development for the Tribes franchise.  For details go to www.tribalwar.com .    Hopefully this doesn't mean that KKM will be in the dark.

Dynamix to be shut down?

Rumor has it that Sierra's father company is laying off people in Sierra, including the shut down of Dynamix! What horror's will this cause??!?!! We hope it's just b.s.